I am Martin de Verdier. This is my personal site and I use it mostly for trying different web programming techniques and solutions, which is why this site does not look good at times. I would not call it a work in progress, since there is nothing really to progress towards, but it sure is not a complete, meaningful website. Remember those “under construction” animated gifs we all had on our web sites in the 1990s? Well, I suppose this would be as good a place as any for that - but I will not put one here...

I have had this domain since August 2003, 23rd to be exact, but I have had my own site since 1996 and even though I have not had much to communicate on my sites, I do enjoy fiddling with them. I have for a long time had the latest music news and album reviews from Rolling Stone from Rolling stone in the space to the right, and since it is more or less tradition, I have kept them to this day.

Since I use my domain as the top domain for e-mails, I thought it nice to have some pictures of me on the site (since at least some people are likely to look up the top domain), to see how my appearance has changed over the years, although that aspect of it is probably most interesting to me. Anyway, in adding some pictures I saw a challenge to make something interesting and creative out of that, so I kind of went overboard with it, but hey, this site is for experimenting..!

Fiddling about in php has made me determined that computers should really work for us, instead of the other way around, and since I took up C programming, I have put some of my programs on the site. They are mostly “cover versions” of old games and like any good cover version, they are my take on the games rather than exact duplicates of them.

It is all a hobby for me though; at work I may at most get to write some code in VBA for Excel, and I suppose that it is better than nothing.

...and please remember: it's never "just the cat"...